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I am an Information security enthusiast and who loves to do research on the topics related to InfoSec and Pentesting. Iam a Bug Bounty Hunter, a CTF Player and a Content creator. I try and work to improvise my knowledge through reading various blogs, writeups and resources from several Hacker community and forums.

As a Security Enthusiast my major includes Web Security and Network Security. Now i tend to explore Exploit development too.

As a Bug Bounty Hunter I like to secure renowned companies digital products on the Internet and Opensource products. It has just been few months since i start doing Bug bounty hunting but within this time, I have been acknowledged by organizations like Dell,Indeed,Upwork,Telekom etc.

As a CTF Player I love to work in Hackthebox and Im a GURU Rank holder in the same

as a part of this i did Pentester Lab Pro and earned considerable amount of badges from there.

As a Content Creator I love to develop CTF for the public, share my knowledge, experiences and findings through blogs and several social media platforms. I love to travel as it provides me a peace of mind and by doing so i collect memmories by taking pictures of beautiful places and loved ones and even anything i find curious out there.

GitHub Contributions



CTF Coordination


  • CVE-2020-25449
  • CVE-2020-7734
  • CVE-2021-27213
  • Secured more than 50 Applications
  • Top 20 Cyber Warrior in Defcon 28
  • Hack The Box Guru Rank Holder
  • Coordinator of Cyberdome Kozhikode CTF 2021
  • Top 10 Winner in Dome CTF Kerala
  • Coordinator of YASCON 2020
  • Creator of Break-In CTF 2020
  • Hall of Fame in Dell, Indeed, Upwork, Odoo etc
  • ICSI Certified Network Security Specialist
  • Bunch of PentesterLab Badges


Capture The Flag

Network and Applcation Security

Securing Open Source Applications

Bug Bounty Hunting

CTF Support

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Content Creation

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My Blogs

My Successful journey with huntr

This is an article posted in huntr.dev where I had shared my experiences with huntr.

Story about CVE-2020-25449 and CVE-2020-7734

This a Blog post about how i got my first CVE and the PoC for the same.

Cyberdome Kozhikode CTF 2021 Writeup

Writeup for Challenges that i had created in Cyberdome Kozhikode CTF 2021.


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